Our Mentors

Tahmid Ahmed

Tahmid Ahmed is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Environmental Science at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). He completed his undergrad from the same university in February 2022. He is now serving as the President of BUP Research Society for the session of 2022-23.
Tahmid has an ambition to specialize his career in the field of research. He is a constant learner and gaining experience by participating in different national and international research conferences. As a student of Environmental Science, Tahmid wants to mitigate the environmental problems through the power of research. 
Started his journey with Fakibaz Gobeshok as a research intern, Tahmid is currently working as a mentor to promote the research culture among undergrad students.

Rahatul Zannat Tanha
Rahatul Zannat Tanha is currently pursuing her studies at Sylhet Agricultural University, where she is enrolled in the Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies. With a deep-rooted passion for the environment and economics, she aspires to carve a niche for herself as a climate economics researcher. Her proficiency isn't limited to theoretical knowledge alone; she possesses a commendable skill set in data analysis, enabling her to delve deep into intricate economic patterns and climate dynamics.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Zannat is a proactive member of the university community. Her involvement with various university clubs has not only enriched her personal growth but has also provided her with a platform to collaborate, learn, and contribute in diverse settings. Through these experiences, she has cultivated a well-rounded perspective, complementing her academic achievements.

With a bright future ahead, Zannat Tanha stands as a testament to the potential of young minds dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the world of climate economics and beyond.

Paromita Das

Paromita Das is a research enthusiast and development worker. She received her Masters degree in Development Studies with an emphasis on Public Policy Analysis from  University of Dhaka and Bachelor degree in Business Administration from BRAC University. Her research interests lie in the broad areas of gender, gender based violence, child right and child protection. She has worked as Research Assistant in several projects under ministry of Social Welfare, UNDP, Reach and UNICEF. Ms.Das is currently running her sole initiative "Sohochori" which focuses on eliminating school drop out rate of slum children through team learning.

Amany Begum

Amany Begum completed her postgraduate studies in Coastal and Marine Fisheries at Sylhet Agricultural University in Sylhet, Bangladesh. She worked on marine megafauna management in the Bay of Bengal. She also graduated from the same university with a B.Sc in Fisheries. Amany hopes to pursue a career as a researcher specializing in coastal and marine fisheries management. She is particularly interested in coastal and marine governance, biodiversity protection, and the social development of the coastal fisher community. Amani has excellent research work in her field that has been published in a number of prestigious publications, as well as experience working with a fantastic research team. Working with fisheries scientists on a national and international scale has given her a unique perspective on academic writing, both lab-based and survey-based. ResearchGate profile

Md Moudud Ahmod

Md Moudud Ahmod is now pursuing a Master's degree in Crop Botany and Tea Production Technology at Sylhet Agricultural University. He previously received a B.Sc.Ag (Hons.) degree with distinction from the same university in 2018. He is well-versed in research methods and has conducted field and lab experiments focused on plant morphology, physiology, and anatomy, as well as a baseline survey. He is competent in R Studio and SPSS for data management. So far, he has had some articles published in international journals, and more are in the pipeline. He previously worked as a research assistant on various projects and is now working as a lab assistant on another projects in the same department. ResearchGate profile


Abdullah-Al-Zabir received his bachelor's and master's degrees in Economics and Statistics, respectively. He is now serving with the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation as an Assistant Director. Throughout his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Zabir gained experience in academic writing as well as a good knowledge of data analysis. He has worked on a variety of research projects, and this expertise has greatly aided him in project and team management. Climate change, food security, poverty studies, and value chain analysis are among his research interests. Zabir has had several research articles published in national and international journals. In addition, as a university student, he was the President of the Agricultural Economics Club and was involved in several national and international organizations. ResearchGate profile

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